Solid Growth – A Scene with 2 + 1 Species, installation view, Bluecoat, Liverpool


Videonstallation 2012
video, 14’, 2012, video, various installations with text, seating objects, wall drawing, dimensions variable

In SolidGrowth – A Scene with 2 + 1 Species Almut Rink builds the landscape from elements of vegetation using a rendering software. The video takes over the format of a tutorial. Images and narration take the viewer on a journey through the construction of nature. Rink specifically examines the artificial design of natural environments and how these affect our understanding of real landscapes and of being human. Personal pronouns such as ‘me’ and ‘we’ are inserted as typographical marks that are then dragged into three-dimensional forms, creating biotops in the terrain. All views are possible in the computer simulation; from the aerial perspective, which makes the landscape literally readable, to descending right down amongst the foliage in which the ‘we’ becomes lost to our sight. But the consequences of the encounter do not remain contained in the virtual world behind the monitor screen. The installation includes the use of line drawing and typography that suggest the virtual grid and on-screen instructions extend into the room.