a body-intelligent community. publication 2022
editors: Claudia Heu, Almut Rink
booklet: 96 pages, German and English, card-book: 27 cards printed on 9 papers, folded map, piece of original mat, edition: 600
ISBN 978-3-200-08417-9

The publication consists of four parts: a textbook, a booklet of 27 postcards printed on 9 different papers, a map of Hamburg on which the three locations of the performance are drawn, a piece of the original mat on which the participants have laid down. The pieces reflect the haptic sensing, the touch as an important experience within the project.

The textbook contains texts by Claudia Heu, Almut Rink, Florian Grimm, Tomaz Simatovic, Grandmother Mulara, Senior Aboriginal Lore Woman and feedback of the team and the participants.